Block Out All Them Haters

Okay, here’s a scenario for you that most of us have been in once or twice before. You set a goal for yourself, get super excited about it, then share the great news with anyone who will listen. Then after time passes and you continue to work towards achieving your goal, you start hearing negative comments. Some of them may come from the people you told and the others may come from yourself. Either way, you listen to them. You start second guessing and doubting yourself. Then that amazing goal isn’t so amazing anymore. Been there? Yeah, me too. 

There’s only one problem in this scenario that we can fix. Are you ready for this? Listen closely… You fix the problem by… By not listening to all of them. Even if you are the hater yourself, don’t listen. Block out all them haters. Ignore the comments like “Are you sure your cut of for this?” or “Do you really think this is what you want to do?” or my favorite, “I’m going to laugh when something goes wrong and you fail.” 

Lately, I’ve been living in this scenario. I’ve felt so upset and just plain confused. Then today as I was sitting in the hallway waiting on my next class, I got to thinking about how passionate I used to be about my goal. I decided right then that I’m going to put more passion back into that goal and I’m going to make it no matter what anyone says! Don’t let anyone discourage you from doing something you love. They are just jealous of how great your doing. 

There. I got that off my chest and feel much better now. If your still reading after my big long (hopefully somewhat inspirational ) rant, thank you very very much for reading. Stay true to you! 

See ya later friends!




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