Long Time No See

Holy crap. I haven’t blogged in almost two years… oops!

It looks like I let the busy and stressful side of life get the best of me. Don’t get me wrong, I have experienced many great things over the past couple of years. However, I have a tendency to let personal things slip away and the stressful and demanding things take over. I get wrapped up in everything going on around me and things I feel the need to give my attention to and forget about myself. I feel like everyone has these moments in life though, am I right?

Sometimes we forget that personal time is a key factor in life. For me, this special “me time” can simply be cuddling up with a good book, grabbing my camera and heading outside for a therapeutic impromptu photo shoot with the cows, or even just sitting down and writing a post for this blog. Whatever it may consist of, “me time” is a wonderful thing. This time allows me to relax and be myself. I always feel calmer and more in control of myself as I go on living this crazy and wonderful life.

Here recently I have been feeling the need for some personal time. Once I came across a few great blog reads on Pinterest, I knew picking up this blog again would allow me do just that. Logging back in, reading previous posts and remembering the goals I had for this page made me realize why I started this blog in the first place.So, with the post and a newly updated About Me page, I am officially back!





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