Get To Know Me: Q & A Style


The past few days I have been planning a few different blog post ideas that I hope to be posting very soon. During this process, I thought it would be cool to first publish a post about myself for you guys to get to know me a little better. Because you know… why not? Don’t worry though. I don’t plan on repeating what I said in my About Me page word for word. I figured we could have a little fun and switch it up. Instead of me writing my life story paragraph by paragraph I decided to do it Q & A style.  With that being said, I went on Pinterest and complied a whole bunch of different questions that’s will help y’all get to know me a little better. Also, I included a picture of my dog Nakita and I so you can put a name to a face and because shes just really cute. Anyways… here we go!

  1. Top 5 favorite foods?

Chicken, anything potatoes (especially mashed potatoes!), chocolate, macaroni and cheese, and pancakes.

  1. Dream job?

I want to be an Agricultural Education teacher. This combines my love for the ag industry and passion for helping and teaching others all into one job!

  1. Favorite quote?

“Confidence is a stain they can’t wipe off” -unknown

  1. Relationship status?

Single as a Pringle and ready to mingle! … Is that how it goes?

  1. Fav piece of clothing you own?

Not sure if it’s consider clothing or not, but I’d have to say my Corral Boots. I love them so much I don’t even let my best friend wear them and we basically share closets.

  1. Favorite Disney princess?


  1. What’s your zodiac sign?

I’m a Leo!

  1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully I will have my dream job, nice house on some land close to my hometown and have lots of animals. I hope to be married to the man of my dreams raising our cute little munchkins that running around. You know. Just every typical girl’s life goals.

  1. Favorite genre of book or movie?

Romantic Comedy!

  1. Favorite shows to binge watch on Netflix?

Gilmore Girls, Heartland, and Friends. Oh, and The Crown!

  1. Coffee or tea?

Coffee first thing in the morning and then sweet tea during the day. Although, I rarely turn down coffee at any time of the day. So, I guess my final answer is yes to both.

  1. What bridges do you not regret burning?

I’ve done some bitchy things in the past that I do regret. Although, one thing I don’t regret is ending past friendships. There are many valid reasons and some excuses that can be said on why the relationships ended. However, in the end the major reason why is that we grew apart. As we grow older and evolve into the people we are going to be we tend to grow out of relationships. I am grateful for the lessons those friendships taught me, but I’m also glad they are over because I’m not that person anymore.

  1. Favorite animal?

I love all animals, but I have a huge soft spot for goats. I showed goats throughout majority of my childhood through 4-H and FFA. They are such funny creatures with great personalities!

  1. What are you most likely very wrong about?

I’m probably wrong about a lot of things, but one thing immediately comes to mind.

I’m pretty sure I have been calling my nail tech the wrong name for MONTHS now. This whole time I thought his name was Kevin. When I mentioned him to my best friend/ roomie the other day, she corrected me and told me his name was Keith. I thought she was the one who got it wrong. Went to get my nails done later that day and I’m 99.9% sure I heard his wife (who also works there) call him Keith. So yeah. There’s that fun little tidbit.

  1. If you could have a never-ending candle what smell would it be?

The smell of freshly cut wood shavings! I think it’s safe to say I have busted open thousands of bags of shaving since I grew up raising and showing livestock. Wood shavings make a warm and cozy bed for livestock and are an easy clean up. Over the years the smell of fresh shaving quickly became one of my favorites! It always reminds me of the barn.

Whew! So there you have it! I tried my best to keep them short and sweet, but doesn’t look like that happened on some did it? Sorry about that! Any who, I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this post! As always, thanks for reading!




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