Introducing… Music Monday!

Hello there!

     Today’s post is inspired by one of my very favorite things… Music! I listen to music every day. On my drive to school, while studying, in the shower, when I’m outside, basically all the time. Heck, I’m even listening to one of my favorite playlist as I type this post. My family has always said I was bite by the music bug since I was young, yet I can’t sing to save my life and I am absolutely horrible at any instrument. I just simply enjoy listening. Surely I’m not the only non talented music lover out there, right? 

     With that being said, I decided to do a series of post to share my music obsession with the world. It may not be every Monday, but I hope to post my thoughts on a chosen song on Mondays. I figured the first day of the work week could use a little happiness! Now, these aren’t meant to be full on critics. The goal is to simply say why I like the song and feel like sharing it. All this fun is starting… Now!

Today’s Jam

     This week’s song is my current jam. I can’t help but to start dancing every time it comes on. I played it so much over the last week my poor little cousin was so over the song by the time Friday came around. It’s a newer song that is off of the recently released album of an international pop star. You guessed it! It’s Shape of You by Ed Sheeran!

     Now do you see what I mean about the constant need to dance? The funky cool up beat brings out the inner Shakira in me some how. I kid you not, my hips are always swaying when this song is on. I may not move a smooth as her, but I sure as hell feel like I do when this song is flowing through the speakers. 

     Feeling down? Turn this song on. Maybe it’s just me, but this track always puts me in a better mood than I was before it came on. All you have to do is turn the song on and let Ed take over. He’s got this. He’s a pro. He will make your day better. Side note: His new album is kick ass, so I recommend listening to it if you haven’t yet or if you’re looking for new music. 

     Go crank this song up and have yourself a little dance party with your friends, pets, or own it by yourself! Nobody a huge fan of Mondays. So why not make them a little brighter and dance the stress away? 

     Hope you enjoyed this! Be on the look out for the next song soon! 🙂



*** Disclaimer: This post is strictly my opinion. I have no affiliation with any company, song writers, artists or anyone. This is simply an avid fan expressing appreciation for the song.   


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