Why I Was Meant To Be an Oklahoma Girl

After a nice relaxing Spring Break, this week I had to get back to reality and return to school. I love college, but sometimes it’s extremely stressful. Like this week for example. Then, add on a sick dog, family medical issues, and other types of daily life stress. It’s safe to say I was beyond ready for the weekend.

So, after my class early yesterday afternoon, I went to my house, grabbed my dog and my packed bag and headed home. I attend school an hour and a half away from my hometown so the drive isn’t all that bad. Before I knew it I was out of the city and back home on the farm. I could feel myself relaxing every mile closer to home.

After unloading my truck, responding to emails and finally eating something, my dad come home early from work. I got to spend some much needed time with him out in the pasture checking the animals and mending fences.

It’s definitely baby season here. We found a new calf that’s roughly two days old, a litter of wild piglets on the trail came in the back pasture, and a very fresh litter of barn kittens being born in the back seat of the ’69 convertible my dad is restoring. Luckily, he just laughed and shrugged his shoulders when I told him his barn cat was giving birth in his car.

My dad went off and started working on his latest project before he ran out of daylight and left me to finishing my homework. I decided to sit on the porch swing and enjoy the beautiful weather while I completed my assignment. I was just about to finish up when I heard it. I stopped and looked up from my laptop with a smile on my face. The coyotes were howling at each other off in the distance. You definitely don’t hear that in the city. They may be a nuisance once they come up close, but there is something majestically and soothing to me about their howls. 5 year old me would immediately disagree with that as I ran into the house every time I heard them.  As I grew older I starting appreciating the noise more. I sat there on the porch swing, closed my eyes and just listened. Silently appreciating the calming and comforting sound. That’s when it occurred to me. I was meant to live here in Oklahoma.

I love the coyote calls. I love the calves & barn kittens. I love the fact that I can attend a great school and still be close to home. I love that I got the opportunity to run free across our farm as a kid. I love that all the land touching our land are other’s cattle pastures. I love view. I love the sunrises and sunsets. I love watching the Scissor Tailed Fly Catchers fly around and land on the fence for a rest. I love running through the pasture with my dogs. I love driving to the pound and fishing with my dad. All these things can be done in other states. Although, it wouldn’t be the same to me. This is where I was born. This is where I’m from. This is who I am. I am an Oklahoma girl.




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