Ruined Lipstick Is Better Than Ruined Mascara

Does it bug everyone else when your makeup gets messed up? If something happens to my makeup it doesn’t necessarily piss me of as much as it just annoys me. But you know, if it’s for a good cause then.. why not? 

This concept is this week’s inspiration for the music appreciation post. Are you ready for this? This week’s song is…

“Lipstick” by Runaway June. Every girl should listen to this song. Like now. This new country single is an upbeat tune that explains why ruined lipstick is waaaaayyyy better than ruined mascara. The hook of the song says, “Yeah you better love somebody who ruins your lipstick, not your mascara.” Preach it Runaway June! This trio is new and have only released this single so far, but you better believe I’m patiently waiting for more music. My roommate and I consider this one of our go-to jams now!

What makes this song great for me is not only the amount of sass present, but also the cold hard truth surrounding the lyrics. I’ve helped many of my gal pals after break-ups. Minor and major splits. I’ve seen my fair share of mascara caused raccoon faces. Although, I do believe crying during the beginning of the break up could do some good, you can’t wallow in your sorrows forever. Eventually you’ll have to get back up and gradually put yourself out there again. When that happens go for the man who not only treats you well and loves every stinkin’ thing about you, but also knows how to kiss you silly. You know, so good it screws up your lipstick if you’re wearing some. 😉

Next time one of your friends is going through a breakup play her this track! Hope you guys give this song a listen and love it just as much as I do!




Picture was retrieved from Pinterest


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