Late Night Thoughts

I wasn’t planning on posting anything for a day or two. College life has got the best of my schedule this week so I wasn’t going to have a whole lot of time to write and publish anything 😕. But that all changed I guess didn’t it? Because here I am.

I just couldn’t resist.I don’t have anything really planned out here. I’m not really sure what I want to say. I was just laying her in bed starting at the ceiling because I’ve got too many things circling around in my head at the moment. One thing that always seems to help me on nights like this is writing. So once again, here I am.

This week has been a more stressful one. I’ve got a handful of assignments due soon, tests coming up, project due dates approaching fast, study sessions to attend, volunteer work  I’ve signed up for. All happing at the same time. My phrase of the week has definitely  been ” So much to do in such little time.” Everyone has these weeks, but I’m so over mine. I’m just trying to catch up as my to-do list continues to grow and grow and grow. Moments like this make me feel like I slowly losing control of my life plan, but you know…  here I am.

On top of all this, I’ve been wrapped up in an emotional battle with myself for about two months now. Why you ask? Every college student will understand when I tell you my reason. I think I’m changing my major. See what I mean? How the hell am I not suppose to freak out about my future career choice? This decision can literally change my life, maybe by a lot or maybe just a little. This decision isn’t a light one because of the thousands of dollars I have invest in my education. What if I make the wrong choice and end up in a hole of student loans because of a career I ended up hating? And the biggest concern is what if I’m not happy with what I end up choosing? This decision is huge. So you can imagine how stressed I am about that. In the end I know it will all work out, but the journey there is what makes me uneasy. So until I figure it out, here I am.

I can honestly say I feel much better now that I wrote all of this down. So, if you’re still here, thank you for listening to me rant about the stressful things. Thank you for visiting my blog in general. I have a good feeling about this blog and that’s all because of you people reading. Now that I got my late night thoughts & appreciations out in the open, I’m going to head off to bed now. Then I’ll wake up tomorrow and hopefully won’t be in this weird funky mood. Thanks again for everything!




2 thoughts on “Late Night Thoughts

  1. You sound like someone who has a good head on her shoulders. Lots of college kids wouldn’t worry about the debt. You remind me of my sons when they were in college. They had the same worries. Each of them is now in a job they absolutely love. Those jobs might not be exactly what they went to college for but the classes they took definitely were not wasted as they learned and they will never lose that. Don’t look at classes as a waste…..even if later in life it turns out to not be the career you end up doing. There will come a time when you need what you have learned. Enjoy the journey!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind and inspirational words! You are so true when you say you never know when you may need something you thought was a waste. I actually experienced this first hand this past weekend. Thanks again for the nice comment! Reading this definitely made me smile! 😊

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