Day Dreamin’

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by on this lovely Monday!

Oh Mondays. Today has been a typical Monday. Although it’s been stressful, the fact that it’s Monday means it’s my day I normally post about one of my favorite songs (Yay for that!)

It’s such a beautiful day outside here in Oklahoma today! When it’s pretty like this I almost always drive with my windows down blaring a feel-good tone. Luke Bryan’s newer song I Do All My Dreamin’ There was my go-to track of the day! This song can be found on his recently released Farm Tour album Here’s To the Farmer. The title track is also another great song! Who knows? Maybe I’ll feature it one Monday.

  I Do All My Dreamin’ There is a great up beat song that is perfect for a jam session on a pretty day! This song reminds me of sweet summer days growing up when my dad and I would go to the pond to fish or summer days well spent out on boat cruising the lake. Below are a portion of the lyrics from the song.

Yeah, I done some barber sinking
Peanut butter sandwich eatin’
Watching the world go by
Where I’ve done some beer crackin’
Crying, praying, laughin’
Just talking to the big man in the sky

  So, if you’re in need of a little dose of a feel- good summer song this is a great choice! I don’t know about y’all, but I’m soooooooo ready for summertime!



P.S. I have no copyright of the album cover photo, lyrics or anything to do with the song. I simply wrote my own opinion about the song and retrieved the photo from Google Images.


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