Meet My Best Friend, Nakita!

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by!

If you’ve read some of my previous posts you’ll notice I have mentioned my cute dog named Nakita. Well, today I thought I would formally introduce her to all of my readers!

*Caution: The following portion of this post contains extreme cuteness.

Age: She will be a year and a half this month!

Breed: So… funny story. Her mom is a full blood Blue Heeler. I know right? You can not tell that by looking at her! For the first few weeks I had her we couldn’t quite pin point what breeds she could have mixed in her DNA. It was driving me crazy! So, in true crazy dog mom fashion I ordered a DNA test offline, swabbed her gum, and sent it off! Her results came back saying she is 1/2 Blue Heeler, 1/4 German Shepard, and 1/4 Golden Retriever!

How we met: I had just moved to college and was living with two of my close friends from high school. We had just moved into the duplex in the beginning of August. One of my roommates already had a Blue Heeler companion, Zee, coming to live with her. I love her dog like she’s my own and have casually mentioned that if she shows up missing after graduation it’s because I’m taking her with me. My roommate still thinks I’m kidding… (but for real as much as I love her I’m not going to steal her.) Anyways, a few years ago Zee had a litter of puppies. My roommate’s mom ended up keeping a girl out of the litter while the rest were sold to local ranchers for working cow dogs and other families. Well, before they could get Lily fix she ended up prego. Talk about a surprise! Out of nine precious Blue Heeler mix puppies, there was only one girl who ended up making it. ( One was a still born and the other was the runt who had to be bottle fed and eventually didn’t passed away). So, to make a long story short, I have known Nakita since the day she was born and I’ve been smitten with her ever since.

And of course I have pictures!


Baby Nakita! She’s around two week old here!


She loved hanging out inside our hoodie pockets!


Rawhides are still her favorite!



My girl!


Her first snow! She loved it!



I would say I’m sorry for posting so many pictures, but honestly I’d be lying. It was super hard for me to narrow the pictures down this far because I have so many! I’m that crazy dog mom, I know.

I love this silly dog more than words can describe! I honestly couldn’t imagine my life with out her now!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this introduction! Be on the look out for silly dog stories in the future, because with this crazy dog I have plenty!

Thanks again and have a wonderful day!





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