Weak Spots & New Things

Hey hey hey! Long time no see! Why is that you ask? That would be due to my weak spot with keeping up with this blog. I believe this is the third time that I have had to type a “returning” post. So from here on out, I will not go on and on about how I will promise to do better and post more frequently. I will promise to never make another one of these posts and just simply say whatever is on my mind whenever it appears.

So many things have happened since my last post. I began a new relationship that ended as quickly as it started. Actually, it was less of a relationship and more of a summer fling. Looking back now I am happy that it was just a fling. It was fun, however, not a lot of long-term relationship potential there.

The absolute BEST thing that has happened recently is the birth of my beautiful niece. Gosh, I am so in love with that child. She wasn’t due until September, yet she had a different plan. Instead, she decided to make an early debut when my sister’s water broke at the birthday party my family was throwing in my honor… on my birthday! Talk about best present ever!

It truly amazes me what life can throw your way. Comparing my life from this time last year to now I can’t help but be in awe over the changes. I am not the biggest fan of change, yet reflecting on my life while writing this post made me realize that they are good. Scary… but good.

So my friends, here is what I leave you with. Don’t be afraid of change and don’t expect a regular routine post from me (because apparently, I suck at that. lol) Thanks for sticking with me all this time!




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