Morning Cup of Thoughts

I am not sure what it is about it, but a cup of coffee in the morning makes me happy. I think there are many reasons why something simple as a warm beverage can change my mood. I used to hate coffee… I know what you’re thinking… how is that even possible? It wasn’t until college that I discovered that coffee is not always scolding hot and bitter like my grandpa drinks it. Now I have learned many different ways to love coffee, my favorite being sweet, creamy and in the morning. Hence this post!

Morning coffee is great on any day, however, the best morning cup is when the house is quiet because I am the only one awake at the moment. This is when I take full advantage of soaking up all the “me” time I can get. With a good brew mixed perfectly in one of my many cute mugs (like the Olaf one in the cover photo. It’s my favorite!), I love to sit in the peacefulness and absorb the potential of the day ahead.
So if you are enjoying your morning cup while reading this post, cheers! I hope your cup brings you happiness and potential throughout your day!

Happy drinking!



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