Sweet Summer Time

It’s here… I repeat… SUMMER BREAK IS HERE Y’ALL!

I’m just a little excited if you couldn’t tell.

Finals are done with which means I actually have time to breathe. The months that contain summer and fall are my favorite, and they are quickly approaching! Yay! Tis the season of warm lazy lake days, evenings spent watching the calves play while the sky is beautifully colored, and nights full of lighting bugs and stargazing adventures. I love college and all, but nothing beats being home. I definitely am at my best in the wide open spaces. I am currently typing this post while I am sitting on the porch swing overlooking roughly 140 acres of a pure countryside. Athletic shorts, tank top, no shoes, no makeup and a smile is my outfit choice of the moment. I am relaxed. I am content. I am in my happy place.

We moved out to this piece of land when I was 3 months old. After spending my entire childhood out here, I think it’s safe to say I know this place like the back of my hand. During the summers, my sisters and I were always outside doing something. If we weren’t playing in our pasture, we were at our grandparent’s house playing in their pasture.

It is so nice to have a place I can always come back to when I need to recharge. When school gets crazy stressful, I can come home for a weekend escape. The tension in my shoulders releases, a smile grows on my face, and a wave of calmness takes over the moment I turn on the dirt road that leads to my childhood home. That, my friends, is a feeling I will never take for granted.

So here is to a wonderful summer break spent soaking up the sun and loving the great outdoors. May your third season of the year be the best yet!


Love, M


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