A Little About Me & The Blog

About Maggie

Hello there, my name is Maggie! I am a 20 year old student who is currently attending Oklahoma State University.

Being born and raised here, I am an Oklahoma girl through and through. One of my all time favorite places to be is out on my family’s farm land enjoying the view of the land and the company of the animals.

Photography is a major passion of mine, so do not be surprised if my personal photos pop up on this blog often (a.k.a all the time).

Here is a list of fun facts about myself:

  • Country music is my life
  • Sweets are my weakness
  • I love my old Chevy truck like she’s my best friend
  • I’m a massive Disney fan
  • I’m a dog mom to a super cute and funny Blue Heeler mix

About Heat’s Desire and Dreams

Let’s get right to the point here, shall we? The whole reason why I created Heart’s Desire and Dreams is so I can write. I’ve always loved writing and I want to better my ability to do so and creating a blog just seemed like the right thing to do. I love tapping into the creative side of me. Photography allows me to express my creativity to an extent, but I believe blogging is going to allow me to express myself in a whole new awesome way. Honestly, that idea excites the crap out of me!

Now I must warn you, sometimes my grammar and spelling could use some help. I will try my absolute best to avoid those types of mistakes, but it’s bound to happen knowing me.

What will I write about you ask?  Well my friend, that is a great question. My vision for this blog is to post things I find interesting ( I’m not real sure how else to put it.) Topics may vary from my favorite recipes, beauty tips, school, tips and tricks, or an inspirational post or two. You never really know what I might throw your way.

I hope you find my posts enjoyable and decided to stick around! Thanks for spending your precious time here with me!




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